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Anyone can do reiki, few do it correctly

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Playing with energy or emotions is incorrect

Practitioners who play with your emotions or revel in the drama of trauma are not honoring the sacredness & reverence that is intended with correct Reiki. 

Many “healers” enter the practice of Reiki for greed, glamor & self-importance.  

If you do not leave a Reiki session feeling relief, correct healing energy transfer did not occur. 

Without correct energy exchange, the spin cycle of negativity & unresolved healing continues leaving you believe that the way things are is the way they are always going to be.

The sacred work of reiki requires reverence & humbleness

I am a Healer who believes Reiki is sacred work. 

There is an indescribable feeling of service, reverence & humbleness when connecting to spirit & harnessing healing energy with the intention of bringing the highest good for you as the client. 

I help to alleviate suffering in your physical, mental, emotional & spiritual aspects.

Here at Believe With Maggie, I’m the real deal when it comes to wielding correct energy each & every time I’m in session. 

I have seen time & time again there is power in this work.  Change is possible.  The spin cycle of negativity & unresolved healing need not continue.

My gifts to you

How I care for you, dear caregiver

correctly heal yourself & others

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Reiki Level 1


In Reiki Level 1 you are introduced to Reiki and you learn about the history, hand positions & Reiki Principles all within one day.  Reiki Level 1 focusses on healing the physical body.

Top 3 reasons empathic people like you register for Reiki level 1:

Reiki Level 2


Reiki Level 2 is also a 1-day course, but you now come to a deeper comprehension of Reiki and learn about healing the mental, emotional & spiritual body.

Why those I’ve taught progress to Reiki Level 2:

Reiki Level 3


Reiki Level 3 is taught over 1/2 a day unless you combine it with Level 4 which is then a full day course.  Level 3 is a progression into heightened self-mastery with more focus on healing the spiritual body.

Reiki Level 4


Reiki Level 4 on its own is 1/2 day.  Level 4 can be combined with Level 3 and completed in 1 day for a total cost of $1000, saving you $166!  This is where you progress your understanding & wielding of Reiki to the highest level available!