Calm The Mind & Release Tension Through Usui Reiki

Deeply personal & for your utmost relief

Relax & Restore With A Reiki Session

Relief in under an hour for $80

Reiki sessions are available in-person in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada from a private suite within my home.  Distance Reiki sessions are also available via phone, zoom or Facetime.



Anyone can do reiki, few do it correctly

I'm your true blue spiritual healer

What Reiki Is Not

Practitioners who play with your emotions or revel in the drama of trauma are not honoring the sacredness & reverence that is intended with correct Reiki. 

Many “healers” enter the practice of Reiki for greed, glamor & self-importance.  

If you do not leave a Reiki session feeling relief, correct healing energy transfer did not occur. 

Without correct energy exchange, the spin cycle of negativity & unresolved healing continues leaving you believe that the way things are is the way they are always going to be.

The sacred work of reiki requires reverence & humbleness

I am a Healer who believes Reiki is sacred work. 

There is an indescribable feeling of service, reverence & humbleness when connecting to spirit & harnessing healing energy with the intention of bringing the highest good for you as the client. 

I help to alleviate suffering in your physical, mental, emotional & spiritual aspects.

Here at Believe With Maggie, I’m the real deal when it comes to wielding correct energy each & every time I’m in session. 

I have seen time & time again there is power in this work.  Change is possible.  The spin cycle of negativity & unresolved healing need not continue.

Your Teacher

Maggie Brochu - Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Bach Flower Remedy Consultant & Meditation Teacher

minutes spent actively engaged in Reiki sessions

Unresolved healing had me believe the way things are is the way they are always going to be.

I then chose to believe in something different and recreated my life.  

With my expertise in Usui Reiki, I can help you recreate your life too.  After all, life is to be enjoyed to the fullest.


years of Teaching experience across Elementary School, Reiki & Meditation Courses


years being an Accredited Energy Healer through Usui Reiki


years recreating my life as a cancer survivor determined to live her best life

Put Yourself First

How I will care for you

I hold our sessions as sacred & confidential so you know you are safe to voice anything you need in order to heal without fear of judgement or reaction.  I promise you there’s nothing to be ashamed of – I’ve been there too.  You deserve the genuine kindness & compassion you readily give others.

We all encounter tough times in life where we’re desperate to find balance amidst a crisis.  We all have times in life where serenity is nowhere to be found and we need guidance.  I’ve been there too, and for this reason I strive to be available short-notice offering sessions as needed.

You are invited to fully immerse yourself in your Reiki session without having to worry about remembering all the messages & what we discuss.  After your session I send you a written summary of the key points covered in your session via email, so you have it to reflect upon.

I honor you as the client by continuing to send you Reiki for 12 days after your session.  Distance Reiki is as effective as in-person Reiki, and is essentially sending you healing energy wherever & whenever you need it.  View this additional healing as a little extra TLC.

In order to have a positive outcome with Reiki sessions, there has to be correct energy exchange between the practitioner, universal energy & the client.  The practitioner must be humble, reverent & treat the work as sacred operating free of the need to be superior, to be right, or to be placed in god- or guru-role.  

heal yourself & others correctly

become a reiki practitioner

Reiki courses are available in-person in a small group setting in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada from a private suite within my home.  Manuals are provided as are Certifications upon completion. 

Reiki Level 1


In Reiki Level 1 you are introduced to Reiki and you learn about the history, hand positions & Reiki Principles all within one day.  Reiki Level 1 focusses on healing the physical body.

Top 3 reasons empathic people like you register for Reiki level 1:

Reiki Level 2


Reiki Level 2 is also a 1-day course, but you now come to a deeper comprehension of Reiki and learn about healing the mental, emotional & spiritual body.

Why those I’ve taught progress to Reiki Level 2:

Reiki Level 3


Reiki Level 3 is taught over 1/2 a day unless you combine it with Level 4 which is then a full day course.  Level 3 is a progression into heightened self-mastery with more focus on healing the spiritual body.

Reiki Level 4


Reiki Level 4 on its own is 1/2 day.  Level 4 can be combined with Level 3 and completed in 1 day for a total cost of $1000, saving you $166!  This is where you progress your understanding & wielding of Reiki to the highest level available!