Peace, harmony & healing
for those who believe in reiki & the healing properties of nature

Welcome hard-working open-minded care giver

Seeking your Joie De Vivre?

Are you:

feeling stressed, anxious, or unbalanced? 

having racing thoughts? 

feeling stuck?

feeling singled out or alone?

taking on others’ energy?

completely exhausted?

hearing incessant negative self talk?

craving serenity, harmony & well-being?


I'm Maggie!

Maggie Brochu - Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Bach Flower Remedy Consultant & Meditation Teacher

Unresolved healing had me believe the way things are is the way they are always going to be.

I then chose to believe in something different and recreated my life.  With my expertise in Usui Reiki, Bach Remedies & Teaching, I can help you change your life too.

achieve Inner Balance

Emerge Stronger & More resilient

I was living an unbalanced life, caught  in the drama of trauma with various illnesses including cancer. 

I beat cancer and left a toxic 42 year marriage to regain balance in my life.


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Change is possible

Better days ahead can start right now

Through the energetic restoration of Reiki, healing properties of plants in Flower Remedies & powerful meditation courses, you can change.

life is to be enjoyed

believe you can and so it is

You are worthy of enjoying life & living your journey to its fullest.

Love your life & make your journey count.


ready to embark on your journey of Peace, harmony & healing?

Join me !