Believe with Maggie

About Maggie,
Your true blue reiki practitioner

Guiding you to enjoy life starting today

Services & Benefits

how I can assist you to enjoy life today

get relief with Reiki Sessions

Relax & restore  

Melt away stress, gain clarity & access divine guidance through 1:1 Reiki Sessions.

Your peace & serenity awaits you.

balance emotions with Flower Remedies

Calm & Regulate

Allow the healing properties of plants & nature to bring you emotional balance.  

Flower remedies bring you comfort from within.

become a Reiki Practitioner

correctly heal yourself & others

Embrace the reverent journey of becoming a Reiki Practitioner to learn more about yourself & your natural gifts.  

Anyone can do reiki – few do it correctly.

access your power with Meditation Courses

be powerful & authentic

Learn how to access Universal power, powerful shielding techniques & several styles of Energy Healing.  

This is Reiki times 100.

Meet Me

Welcome! I'm Maggie!

Maggie Brochu - Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Bach Flower Consultant & Meditation Teacher

minutes spent actively engaged in Reiki sessions

Through my personal & professional journey, I’ve learned how to enjoy my life again.

With my expertise in Usui Reiki, Bach Flower Remedies, and Teaching, I can help you recreate your life so you find & live your joie-de-vivre! 

Life is to be enjoyed!


years practicing as a Usui Reiki Master Teacher


years of being a Bach Flower Remedy Consultant


years of Teaching experience across Elementary School, Reiki & Meditation Courses


Why you can trust me

Reiki Master Teacher 2014

Active Canadian Reiki assocation member 2016

Bach flower remedies consultant 2016

training in power meditation teacher 2017

bachelor of education 1987