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Reiki Sessions

I originally booked with Maggie because I was feeling like I needed some clarity, which I received, but I left feeling like I just had a good visit with a friend.  Her space and her energy are both very warm & inviting!  She is a very gifted soul.  Thanks Maggie!

Kristin Colby

I received my very first Reiki treatment from Maggie.  Her gentle demeanor put me at ease.  I could feel the energy flowing through me, releasing tension and promoting relaxation.  After the session, I felt refreshed & rejuvenated.

Annette Wright

I’ve had Reiki sessions with countless practitioners and it becomes very clear very fast that Maggie is a rare gem of a practitioner.  Maggie is an accomplished energy healer who has skills that are unmatched by any competitor.  Many are out of their depth treating Reiki like its some kind of hobby or past time to bring in passive income.  Many take playing with energy lightly & are ignorant to the consequences.  It takes expertise & devoted practice to provide quality Reiki, which Maggie does so well that, hands down, no one compares.  


I am so fortunate to have found Maggie.  I thank God for that.  She has a special way of connecting, guiding and supporting me through my ups & downs.  She helped me see old belief patterns that were weighing me down.  Maggie renewed within me my inner light.  Maggie’s session summaries are super helpful, and I love to tune in to them while having my morning coffee.  There is no one like Maggie.


Maggie really is true-blue.  I trust Maggie with my innermost feelings, and I know anything I say is held sacred, met with light & love, and I’ve never felt any judgement or desire to dig in for the sake of gossip.  Maggie’s energy is quite powerful and I love love love her continued healing that she sends for 12 days after a session.  No other Reiki healers have ever done that.


Maggie has helped me to understand the concept of taking care of myself or there will be nothing left to give because you cannot serve from an empty vessel.  Maggie has helped me prioritize my needs.  Maggie’s Reiki sessions have been so helpful that I have committed to doing monthly Reiki sessions for the next year so that I can be at my happiest & healthiest best.  It is because of Maggie that I am enjoying life again.


One cannot put a dollar amount when it comes to feeling marvelous, ecstatic, healthy or just really good.  I have researched & found some practitioners that charge in excess of $250/session, yet they don’t hold a candle as far as quality to the healing I receive with Maggie.  Not only are Maggie’s fees very reasonable; it’s totally worth it. Thank you, Maggie, for what you do.


Through Maggie’s Reiki sessions, I received powerful healing energy from spirit.  The healing process helped me let go of some deep rooted beliefs about myself.  I also received lots of encouragement from God with positive affirmations & thoughts. Maggie is a great support & I highly recommend her.

Lori Weatherby

I feel so great after my treatments with Maggie!  Even my husband notices that I’m different & he feels better!  I thank you very much Maggie for your healing light & vibes.


Reviews For

Bach Remedies

I have been taking the Depression-Lift Off serum for a couple months now, but in the first two weeks I started to notice a definite difference in my energy levels.  I’ve suffered with depression for over
20 years so this is huge!  I come out slumps faster & feel stronger!

Lori Weatherby

Maggie’s Bach Remedies are an easy-peasy stress-buster.  I just add the remedies to my coffee & lattes, smoothies, and water bottle so that I’m set for the day.  The biggest difference for me is how the Bach Remedies effortlessly lift off any excess emotion that’s putting me into fight/ flight mode, whether that be grief, irritation, or stress from over-working.  My own relentless drive to get things done sometimes leads my body to be stressed & it often shows as restless sleep or various aches & pains.  The Bach Remedies help me live a more calm, clear & balanced life.  


I got relief with the first 4 drops, and the cost of the consult includes the first bottle, so let me tell you, it was worth every penny!  I opted for the Bach Flower Remedies custom blend, and let me just say, this stuff works magic! I’m so glad I did it!  


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Reiki & Meditation Courses

I’ve taken the Reiki Courses and the Level 1 Meditation Course from Maggie.  Whether Maggie is teaching Reiki or Meditation, it is obvious to see the love she has for teaching.  Maggie has a caring manner, is gentle & she takes the time to explain.  And, she listens!  Maggie takes the time to hear what you need to say, she answers all of your questions, and she does everything she can to help you feel comfortable throughout the courses.


I have always had that little voice in my head and that gut feeling that makes me feel that something isn’t right & yet I cannot explain it.  Maggie explained that in the meditation courses, I would learn more about these hunches and get to a place where I could strengthen this inner knowing & trust it.  Building & trusting my inner knowing muscle was worth the tuition fee.


In the Level 1 Meditation course, Maggie taught me a super shielding system that leaves me protected from negative & draining energy that doesn’t at all compare to any shielding I learned in Reiki.  I am still amazed at the wealth of information in diving deeper & connecting to my soul. I feel blessed.  It is worth the
investment for sure.


I was so drawn to take the Reiki courses from Maggie.  I’d done a lot of research and found many other Reiki practitioners charge exaggerated prices for the courses, plus none of them offer a presentation or manual like Maggie does.  I’m so glad I ended up taking the Reiki courses from Maggie.  You can tell right away Maggie’s motivation to teach is pure.  I felt I had entered into a different world when Maggie was teaching.  I could feel the energies around me and I knew Universe was celebrating my next step in healing myself & others.


Before taking the Level 1 Meditation Course with Maggie, I felt like life was monotonous & humdrum.  Now my life is more interesting, filled with more connections & meaning, and I engage in life more.  I’m definitely happier & the most well I’ve ever been since taking the Level 1 Meditation course, plus Maggie is an excellent Teacher – she’s in her natural element when teaching meditation.


Thank you beautiful Souls!