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Peace, harmony, and healing

Bach Flower Remedies

Health depends on being in harmony with our own soul.

Dr. Edward Bach

Our mental state plays a vital role in our physical well being.

Dr. Edward Bach

Each Bach Flower Remedy is a liquid that is made from the extract of a wild flower or plant with the purpose of aiding emotional health. 

The healing properties and energies of the plant positively affects our emotions, removes emotional pain and suffering, and helps release limiting beliefs and suppressed emotions.  Bach Flower Remedies are a gift from nature and aid overall health and healing.

Bach Flower Remedy drops can be taken directly by mouth, added to any drink, or applied topically to body pulse points for gentle healing.

Bach Flower Remedies are all natural, safe, and compliment all other forms of treatment.  One cannot build a resistance to them.  Bach Flower Remedies are plant-based and gluten-free.

Bach Flower Remedies are safe for people of all ages including babies, toddlers, and teenagers, and are also helpful for pets and other plants.

Bach Flower Remedies (BFR) promote emotional healing.

Dr. Edward Bach discovered the Flower Remedies in the early 1900’s. There are 38 Flower Remedies that correct the emotional imbalances we have.

Our bodies respond physically to our emotions – to the way we think, feel and act. By restoring harmony back to the mind, BFR allows the body’s natural defenses to work more easily. Bach remedies are often referred to as a ‘Councillor in a bottle’.

Bach remedies are not habit-forming. Bach Flower Remedies are a combination of vibrational medicine, alternative health, and homeopathy.

Thinking negatively, unhappily or destructively is the true cause of disease according to Dr. Bach. Our physical health depends on our way of thinking, on our feelings and on our emotions. Emotional problems build up over time, layer by layer, until the original emotional cause is buried quite deeply. The effects of taking Bach Remedies is like peeling an onion. You start at the outside layer, the layer you see presently. As the layers are peeled, you get to the center of the issue which is buried deep in the mind.

Your Options with BFR

Option 1 - DIY:

For those of you who like to do it yourself, read up on the Bach Flower Remedy site and pick individual remedy bottle(s) you feel would aid your wellness. 

But it is important to know there are challenges to this route too.  Choosing individual remedy bottles is not only more expensive but time consuming. 

These remedies are not readily available in stores, and online you are limited to purchasing individual remedy bottles.  Custom blends are not available online.  Ideally, you’d opt for a custom blend of up to 7 remedies made individually just for you, or you’d opt for a blend of remedies that suits you as with my Power 9 Creations below. 

Each remedy bottle ranges in price from $12-$20. Typically we actually use up to 7 remedies at one time for optimal effect. You will also need to adapt and change up the remedies you need over time.   It isn’t likely you’ll use the full individual remedy bottles before needing to switch.

It is also helpful to work with a trained consultant, such as myself, to help you identify what remedies may suit you.  It is often difficult to identify our patterns on our own.

Read below for how to get a custom blend or Power 9 blend from me for only $25.

Option 2 - Custom:

Have a custom and individualized remedy bottle made specifically for you!  Get your own Bach Flower blend to address the specific emotional concerns you’re needing assistance with.

When I create a blend for you, there are up to 7 different remedies in your bottle.  Over time on your journey of wellness, the remedies will need to be changed as healing takes place and we can substitute, omit, or add as necessary.  The cost of a dropper bottle with up to 7 remedies is $25 – almost the equivalent of one remedy bottle elsewhere.  Also, if you are local to Moose Jaw and you need a refill, you can bring me your dropper bottle; it will be disinfected, refilled while you wait, all for the cost of $20.  Not local?  No problem!  BFR can be shipped across Canada!  Click to view pick up options + shipping rates here!

Interested in a custom blend made just for you?  Read about the BFR remedies in detail, read the below Pocket Guide, and/or arrange for a free consult. Consults can be done in-person, on zoom, or via phone.  I’d be more than happy to help you decipher what remedies you need to assist you. 

We can also couple this process with reiki and/or intuitive/ energetic reading if that interests you.  

View the Bach Flower Remedies quick summary pocket guide!

Print out your compact Bach questionnaire to fill out!

Rather save time & allow me to help you discern what you need?

Option 3 - Maggie's Power 9:

Over the past decades as a practitioner, I’ve kept track of the moods and emotions that can effect us.  Whether you are looking to release stress, sleep better, lose weight, have better focus, implement boundaries, lift off depression, have inner peace and calm in place of anxiety, have ease in decision making, or have your pet behave better, it’s all here in a bottle.

My Power 9 Bach Creations are like a “Rescue Remedy” for a specific ailment.  You might have heard of Rescue Remedy as it is very well-known, but it is not the best suited for general stress or wellness.  This is where the Power 9 Bach Creations comes in.

These Power 9 Bach Creations offer a “happy medium” option between DIY and a Custom blend.  These Power 9 blends are customized to a core wellness concern offering a superior method to DIY and Rescue Remedy. This is often a comfortable “entry point” and from here you can either progress to another of the Power 9 creations as you feel fit, or you can progress to a custom bottle made specifically for you.

In Summary

Whether you choose the Custom blend or Maggie’s Power 9 options, know that each dropper bottle will last you between 3-4 weeks.  Also be aware for the Power 9, it is best to use only one of the creations at a time.  We want to see the full improvement from one of the Power 9 creations as the remedies in this creation may very well improve other areas as well.

And, BFR Custom and Power 9 blends can be shipped across Canada!  Click and view shipping rates here!

Don’t forget that Bach remedies pair well with Reiki and my other offerings.