Highly Individualized Relief Through Bach Flower Remedies

Your "Counsellor in a bottle" tailored to your needs

Experiencing comfort couldn't be easier

Balance emotions in just 4 drops

What Bach Flower Remedies are:

Bach Flower Remedies are liquids harnessed from wild flowers or plants.  These liquids have healing properties that help calm & regulate emotions. 

How Bach Remedies Benefit you:

How Easy it is to take Bach Flower Remedies:

Bach Remedy drops can be added to your morning coffee or tea, put in your water bottle, be applied on the body, or taken directly by mouth.  Each bottle typically lasts ~1 month.

Where to Get Bach Remedies:

Bach Flower Remedies are available to purchase in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada from a private suite within my home.  Bach Remedies are also safe to ship across Canada.  

drops lovingly hand-made & poured into Bach bottles



Your Bach Connoisseur

Maggie Brochu - Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Bach Flower Remedy Consultant & Meditation Teacher

Life had me believe the way things are is the way they are always going to be.

I then chose to believe in something different and recreated my life, in part, through the healing properties of plants.

With my knowledge in Bach Remedies, I can help you do the same through the healing properties & frequencies of nature.


Bach bottles hand-made & sold to many happy clients 😊

A decade

as a Certified Bach Flower Remedy Consultant 


years recreating my life as a cancer survivor determined to live her best life

Get Precisely what you need with a Custom Bottle!

Emerge Stronger & More Resilient ASAP

1-Hour Consultation Including Your Custom Bottle


It is highly difficult to see our own patterns & we all have blind spots.  This is where my expertise as a Certified Bach Flower Remedy Consultant can help you to get precisely what you need in a safe & sacred space free of judgement. 

For $79 you receive a 1:1 consultation plus your customized made-special-just-for-you Bach Remedy bottle consisting of up to 7 specific remedies to bring you the exact relief you need starting in your first 4 drops.

Consultations are available in-person, via phone, zoom or Facetime.  

A custom bach bottle is for you if you want To:

Health depends on being in harmony with our own soul.

Our mental state plays a vital role in our physical well being.

a calmer you for $25 through a Power 9 Bottle!

The Happy Medium Between Rescue Remedy & A Custom Bottle

Your Power 9 Bottle


You might be familiar with Rescue Remedy which is known to aid acute or emergency situations such as sudden bad news, bereavement, terror, or a stressful event.  While this is a great remedy for a short-term emergency, it falls short when you have a core concern and you’re desiring long-term change.

My Power 9 Bach Creations are like a “Rescue Remedy” but for a specific wellness concern truly making it the happy medium between Rescue Remedy & a custom bottle. 

Whether you are looking to release stress, sleep better, lose weight, have better focus, implement boundaries, lift off depression, replace anxiety with inner peace & calm, ease decision-making, or help your pet behave better, it’s all here in a bottle.

All of the Power 9 Bach Remedies are available for purchase from a private suite within my home in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada.

They are also available through Journey Stones in Regina at 5950 Rochdale Blvd. 

A Power 9 bach bottle is for you if you want To:

Your Power 9 Options

You Need:

Depression Lift-Off

if you constantly feel sadness or feel darkness around you

Implementing Boundaries

if you are a people-pleaser, find yourself taking on others’ problems, or wish you had more time & space for yourself

Pet Behavior

if you wish to make training your pet more effective & to instill trust (Both you & your pet can take these drops!)

Inner Peace & Calm

if you seek a state of calm contentment in place of worry & anxiety

Restful & Rejuvenating Sleep

if you have poor quality sleep, nightmares, or persistent mind chatter robbing you of deep rest & repair

Focus & Clarity

if you struggle making decisions due to self-doubt or distractions

Weight & Body Image

if you need to see, think and feel more positively about your body or need motivation to make healthy changes 

Ease & Flowing Grace

if you seek to release difficult challenges in order to progress in an effortless way

Stress Release

if you neglect your own needs in order to care for others, or you’re generally under higher stress due to many commitments

Thinking negatively, unhappily, or destructively is the true cause of disease.

These remedies work by flooding our bodies with the beautiful vibrations of nature which melts disease like snow in sunshine.