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You are in your power when you are your authentic self

Training in Power Meditation Courses

Combining Meditation With Healing -This is Reiki multiplied by 100

There is a way to freedom from what has been imposed on this world. We each have the tools within us for connecting and awakening to our own destiny and divine power.”

From teaching elementary school to teaching meditation

As a retired school teacher, I carry my love of teaching forward by teaching for the Training In Power (TIP) Academy. 

I am one of 100 teachers worldwide that has gone through extensive specialized training to teach meditation courses. You can read my Teacher bio here! 

How TIP Meditation Changed Me

Many years ago, I had a Reiki client who was a single mom.  She came in at her absolute lowest – inconsolable & desperate.  When she returned a few months later, she had remarkably changed.  She glowed, was in high spirits & exuded a peaceful quality.  When I asked her what changed, she talked about this meditation class.  I wanted to know more.  It felt right to take this course, kind of like an unspoken calling to something bigger & better even if I had no idea where it was leading to. 

Within 2 years of taking this course, I walked away from 42 years of marriage, found the courage to take on a mortgage & relocate, and really lean in to my Reiki practice.

Level 1 taught me I had choice.  If you’re looking to change something in your life, and to start enjoying life at its fullest,  I am living proof that these meditation courses are life changing & rewarding.  

hours spent Teaching elementary school, Reiki & Meditation courses

Live a life of peace, harmony & healing

become your own most powerful healer in the Level 1 Meditation Course

Discover you

Learn to read people & situations in just 4 classes.  Never be duped again.  Discover why you don’t follow the crowd, and why you feel there is more to life than what is happening right now.  Begin your journey of self-discovery.  You are so much more than your human you.

Learn Active Meditation

Active meditation is engaging your mind in visualizations or mind exercises to gain silence and then knowing.  Prayer is talking to Spirit.  Meditation is listening for the answer.



Learn Who You Really Are

I am

Imagine the power packed in this short sentence. 

It is the key to get you free & well at a soul level. 

You will discover who you really are in this course.

Key Topics

A few of the things you learn in Level 1:

  • Connect and work with energy & power 
  • Learn tools for deep rest, sleep & repair
  • Attract healthy & positive relationships
  • Manage emotions & times of triggering
  • Control your thoughts by reframing


4 weekly Classes over 1 month

Level 1 is 4 classes.  Each class is once per week & lasts about 4 hours.  Classes are in-person in Moose Jaw, Sk. in a small group setting.

Cost is $595 +gst

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Unearth coping skills like no other

Empower your child today for better tomorrows with the Youth Meditation Course

your child’s self-confidence & Self-Esteem means the world

Improve your child’s self-confidence & self-esteem in just 4 classes with the Youth Meditation Course.  Your child can learn to soothe their own ruffled feathers & soothe their hurt feelings.  Unlock ways to improve communication with your child which further enhances their self-esteem.

Get Armed in how to deal with bullies

Learn with your child how to become proficient in dealing with bullies through energetic tools & systems of protection.  Bullying is rampant and being armed with energy tools & protection systems is so necessary today.  Learn how to manage all emotions including anxiety, fear, sadness, anger & shame.  Learn with your child their personal way to be unflappable in triggering times.

Benefits for your child


Learn Who You Really Are

I am

Help your child to learn who they really are.

Guide them in uncovering their personal system that ensures they keep their power in triggering situations.

Work together to help your child reframe any limiting beliefs.

Key Topics

You & your child learn how to:

  • Harness Universal energy & power 
  • Protect from negative energy & bullies
  • Attract caring & meaningful friendships
  • Manage emotions, impulses & beliefs
  • Heal self, others & animals


4 weekly Classes over 1 month

The Youth Course is 4 classes.  Each class is once per week & lasts about 3 hours.  Classes are in-person in Moose Jaw, Sk. in a small group setting.

One parent must attend all classes.

Both parents must sign a consent form.

Regular cost is $650 +gst


Your Teacher

Maggie Brochu - Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Bach Flower Remedy Consultant & Meditation Teacher

Unresolved healing had me believe the way things are is the way they are always going to be.

I then chose to believe in something different and recreated my life.  Training in Power Meditation was an integral part of my journey.

I’d be honored to teach you & light your path on the journey I also have walked.

20+ years

of Teaching experience across elementary school, Reiki & Meditation courses

10+ years

of being an Accredited Energy Healer in Reiki & Training in Power


years recreating my life as a cancer survivor determined to live her best life