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Maggie's Power 9 Bach Creations

Over the years, I’ve kept track of the moods and emotions that can affect us negatively and I’ve created 9 specific Bach Remedy recipes with this in mind. Whether you are looking to release stress, sleep better, lose weight, have better focus, boundaries, lift off depression, have inner peace and calm, have ease in decision making or have your pet behave better, it’s all here in a bottle. This option saves you the time of a consultation and filling up the questionnaire.

Maggie’s Power 9 Bach Remedies are like a “Rescue Remedy” for a specific wellness ailment.

Rescue Remedy is very well-known, but it is not the best suited for general stress or wellness and this is where the Power 9 comes in.

The Power 9 offers a “happy medium” option between DIY and a Custom blend. These Power 9 blends are customized to a core wellness concern and contain  up to 7 remedies in the one dropper bottle to address that concern.  This is superior to DIY and general Rescue Remedy.  This is often a comfortable “entry point” and from here you can either progress to another of the Power 9 creations as you feel fit, or you can progress to a custom bottle made specifically for you.

Keep reading to know your options within the Power 9!

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Power 9 Options:

Not sure which of the Power 9 would be best-suited for you? 

Look at the following poster which will help you choose!

How do I choose?

Take Note

Please know that each dropper bottle will last you between 3-4 weeks.  Also be aware for the Power 9, it is best to use only one of the creations at a time.  We want to see the full improvement from one of the Power 9 creations as the remedies in this creation may very well improve other areas as well. 

Don’t forget that Bach remedies pair well with Reiki and my other offerings.


How do I take the Bach Flower Remedies?  Read below!


Pick-up Options

Maggie’s Power 9 Bach Remedies and custom-made blends are available for pick-up in Moose Jaw, Sk and also at “With These Hands” Regina (3041 Saskatchewan Drive).