Believe with Maggie

Peace, harmony, and healing

About Me

I am an entrepreneur at heart!  

I have worked as a receptionist in a holistic health clinic, am a retired school teacher and a mother to two beautiful daughters. I primarily taught elementary grades and absolutely loved it.  The smell of rain, freshly tilled ground, freshly cut grass, smell of flowers, and waves crashing on the shore excite me.

Battling cancer triggered my slow road to recovery and to finding my new life’s purpose.  I also left a 42-year marriage after realizing it was an unhealthy relationship.  I did lots of soul searching, supplements, diet change, lifestyle change, and reiki. I will forever be grateful to family for their support and to the people who helped me along this new path in life.

Aiding client’s suffering and working with clients is now my life’s passion, and I am so very thankful my journey has brought me to this current path!

Recharge your batteries!  Don’t give up on yourself.  Gift yourself with a session because you are SO worth it.  There are miracles, surprises and life lessons right in front of you awaiting to be discovered.  We owe it to ourselves to enjoy life.  

Diplomas, Certifications, and Degrees

Usui Reiki

Active CRA (Canadian Reiki Association) member.  All of the Usui Reiki training I’ve completed was with Tracy Reifferscheid in Humboldt, Saskatchewan:

– 1st Level Usui Reiki
– 2nd Level Usui Reiki
– 3rd Level Usui Reiki Practitioner
– 4th Level Usui Reiki Master Teacher

Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedy Consultant training:
– Dr. Edward Bach Distance Learning Program Living Enrichment Level 1 & 2

Training in Power

Active Training in Power (TIP) Academy for Meditation + Healing Faculty member and have completed several trainings with TIP:

– Active in online training and community healing groups
– Levels 1 through 7
– Magus, Alchemist, and Archetype courses
– Relationship 1
– Prosperity 1

Bachelor's in Education

Bachelors in Education:
– B. Ed (Bachelor’s Degree in Education) at the University of Saskatchewan