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Training in Power (TIP)

I am a Teacher for the Training in Power Academy!  

Training in Power is all about the healing power of meditation. Training in Power is a system founded by Faye Fitzgerald which teaches a unique energetic healing system, incorporating course work, a meditation system that engages the ‘active mind’, and healing practice. Learners are introduced to the concepts and relationship between quantum physics, vibrational psychology and ancient energy systems and how to safely manifest a life of passion and personal wellness. Connect with the Power of your Soul to heal, grow, manifest and prosper. Training in Power™ Academy’s meditation and healing courses engage the active mind, with profound results. Connect with the power of the Universe and find out how Unlimited you are.

If you’re interested, please reach out to me!  I teach Level 1, which is the main introductory course offered by Training in Power, both in-person and online!  For a variety of other course offerings and/or for more detailed information, see below!

If you’re interested in TIP, the following is an outline of what you learn in Level 1:

  • to connect to the Universal Love and Power that is your divine birthright
  • to learn to identify and work with energetics
  • meditation and relaxation techniques
  • how to know if someone is telling you the truth
  • dream work and interpretation
  • how to manifest what you want in your life
  • how to regain and maintain wellness in each area of your life
  • how to safely develop your natural intuitive abilities
  • techniques that keep you from feeling tired and drained with other people
  • meet your Spirit Guides

Intrigued? Please contact me!

I’d be happy to discuss this profound and life-changing work with you!

In the TIP program, you will experience an energetic system called Power Transference. It will raise your vibration and it is 100% successful if you finish all four classes!

Training in Power enables us to access our total potential through the study of vibrational physics, which is the interplay of physics and human dynamics. This results in the development of natural sensitivity, intuitive abilities, and the comprehension of manifestation principles. Level 1 will provide you with an active system of meditation where you will research the most fascinating subject in the universe – You! Through the system of vibrational psychology, you will develop the ability to move past blocks in your daily life by actually moving energy.


There is a way to freedom from what has been imposed on this world. We each have the tools within us for connecting and awakening to our own destiny and divine power.”
– Faye Fitzgerald, Founder of TIP