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The Lit Garden: Virtual Wellness Shop

I am an entrepreneur at heart! Both with my Believe business and with being the Co-Founder of The Lit Garden: Virtual Wellness Shop!  Working with clients is now my life’s passion, and I am so very thankful my journey has brought me to this current path!

The Lit Garden is your one-stop virtual shop for everything “wellness” in Saskatchewan! Think of us as an upscale online directory where you’re shopping your options of wellness + self-empowerment-based businesses in our area.

We strive to connect the people of Saskatchewan to alternative + wellness-based industries to a create a “lit” community – a community of well people. Our driven + passionate wellness-based business members help our clients eat well, feel well, sleep well, and be well in every facet of their life.

For our business members and also our audience of potential clients, we meet you where you’re at and inspire you to grow + take charge of your own life! We support those of you seeking wellness to find what you’re yearning for free from overwhelm + judgement. We also support our business members in finding absolute fulfillment + passion in business while working smarter not harder.

We are all about community over competition, support, growth, and genuineness! Learn more about myself Maggie Brochu (Co-Founder), Lynne  Brochu (Founder!), our community, and our entire vision here at The Lit Garden website!

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