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Taking the Bach Flower Remedies

Most commonly, the Bach Flower Remedies are taken from a dropper bottle. From the dropper bottle, simply put four drops onto or under the tongue and hold the dose for a few seconds before swallowing.

Alternately, from the remedy bottle, you can add four drops to a glass of water or to a water bottle and sip throughout the day.

You need four doses (drops from the dropper bottle), four times a day. The first dose is upon getting up in the morning; two other doses during the day, and last dose is just before bed.

For babies, a parent can dab a few drops on their pulse points. For elderly or ill clients, one can put the drops into a spoon, dilute with a bit of water and moisten the person’s lips with this.  

Spring or mineral water is used when you get a remedy bottle because ordinary tap water goes stale quickly. If you cannot keep your remedy bottle in the fridge, one teaspoon of brandy will be added to help preserve the water.

Up to seven remedies can be mixed together in a remedy bottle. Too many remedies taken together will mask the issue and will prevent the other remedies from working effectively.

A treatment bottle will typically last 3-4 weeks.