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Links and Recommended Reading

Interested in the evidence behind reiki, Bach remedies, or energy work in general? Here are some links to evidence and research!


Research on the effectiveness of Reiki

For research on the effectiveness of reiki for physical and psychological health, visit this site:

Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine study



Research on the effectiveness of Bach Flower Remedies

For a research study on Bach remedies, namely with depression, see this link:

Bach Flower Remedies + depression



Research on the effectiveness of Training in Power (TIP) Level 1

To see the results of decreasing anxiety and fatigue in a study with Community Home Care nurses using Level 1 Training In Power, go to the following link and enter “Rosanna Ferrer 2006” in the search bar.  You’ll then see her study called “A randomized control trial of the effects of meditation on home care nurses’ work stress”. 

University of British Columbia studies



Extra Information and more Good Reading

For extra information on the Bach Flower remedies, check this link out:

Bach Flower Remedies

If you keep seeing the same sequence of numbers and wonder what the message or meaning is, visit this site:

Angel numbers with Joanne

All about abuse, how to stop abuse, staying with the abuser etc – this link is full of information.

Verbal Abuse Journals



Personal Wellness Coaching

Lastly, looking for a general wellness coach, intuitive, and energetic healer? Consider Step Within: Intuitive Energetic Coaching for a one-on-one upbeat wellness coaching intermingled with intuitive and energetic work. Check out this link: