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Peace, harmony, and healing

Did You Know?

Did you know that Bach remedies can:

-help the new mom and dad cope with pregnancy?
-help babies that are restless, constantly crying and need to be cuddled?
-help babies that are teething or demanding of mom’s attention?
-help babies learn to talk and to walk?
-help toddlers having temper tantrums or jealousy of siblings?
-help children who are fearful, shy, timid, bossy, daydreamers, homesick?
-help children with starting school?
-help children with nightmares?
-help with puberty?

Did you know that Bach remedies helps pets that are:

-afraid of thunderstorms?
-chewing furniture/shoes?
-having separation anxiety?
-barking excessively, or who whine, howl, or abandon the litter?
-jealous, territorial, mournful, anxious or over-active?
-fearful of loud noises, or have a fear of lightning, or vet visits
-struggling to recover from abuse?
-either dominant or submissive?

Did you know that Bach remedies can help plants that:

-are limp/droopy?
-are discolored?
-are stretching for light?
-have been repotted?
-are used for cuttings?
-are infested with pests?
-are suffering from shock?

Did you know that Bach remedies can remove blocks + barriers?

As we grow older, we become more aware of life’s hurdles. Each hurdle teaches us something about ourselves. These trials can block our healing process. Take Bach remedies to remove that block or barrier. With children, there is no notable barrier yet and recovery is much quicker. Children usually don’t need many doses to become themselves again.

History of Dr. Edward Bach 1886-1936

Conventional medicine typically treats the physical symptoms, and often not the cause.  Dr. Bach found the power of thought, personality and one’s attitude plays an important part in maintaining health and in recovering from an illness.  

Dr. Bach was a physician, a homeopath and bacteriologist.  

Dr. Bach was also an ill man.  At the age of 31, Dr. Bach was given just three months to live. 

Dr. Bach was very sensitive in his mind and body.  Dr. Bach developed oral vaccines based on intestinal bacteria which had remarkable effects on his patient’s general health.  However, he disliked the fact that the vaccines were based on bacteria.  He was anxious to replace this with gentler methods based on plants.  

Dr. Bach noticed that while walking in fields early one morning, that each dewdrop, heated by the sun, would acquire the healing properties of that particular plant.  He also noticed that a certain flower would restore his peace of mind which in turn would heal his physical ailment.  The more he researched the remedies, and experimented with his own health, he found himself happy and inspired.  

Dr. Bach realized that people fall into distinct types.  Each type of person would react to illness in a particular way.  Dr. Bach became more interested in the patient than their disease.  He would sit by their bedside and let them talk.  By listening to them, he found the real cause of their illness.  For example, a woman with severe asthma was a very frightened woman. She had told Dr. Bach that her only son had taken a job north of England and she had not heard from her son in over three months and was terrified that he had fallen on dire circumstances and died.  One day, the son came home, found a job nearby and the woman lost her asthma completely.  According to Dr. Bach, she no longer had to hold her breath for her son. 

Another example: a man with a duodenal ulcer was a very worried man.  He had lost his job, his wife was unable to work and they had two small children.  Later, when the man was asked to return to his job he lost his ulcer.  As we know today, worry is often the cause of gastric and duodenal ulcers.  

Dr. Bach was an extraordinary man, and despite his poor prognosis, he lived an extra 19 years.  He died one year after finishing his legacy of remedies for us, at the age of 50.